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No More Solyndras


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Friends,

The latest unemployment report revealed a stagnant 8.2 percent unemployment rate; the forty first consecutive month of unemployment above 8 percent. While the Administration continues to support tax and spend policies, the House continues its efforts to create an environment that allows small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow and hire.

Last week, with bipartisan support, the House passed the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act. The legislation allows the U.S. to more effectively develop critical minerals, which are vital to job growth, economic competitiveness and national security. These minerals are critical for everyday items like cell phones, medical devices, and computers.

Due to government red tape and burdensome permitting, mining jobs have gone overseas. The U.S. is now 100 percent reliant on foreign countries for 19 critical and strategic minerals. Specifically, this legislation requires the U.S. more efficiently develop domestic sources of these minerals -- to access the supplies we need right here in our country.

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