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Too often, we've all been embarrassed by our state officials in Springfield. Our ethics track record is sad and disturbing. But rather than giving up, I'm more resolved than ever to fighting our way to a new reputation of clean, honest and transparent government.

"She's Honestly Different" isn't just a campaign slogan for me. It's how I live my life and lead at the Capitol by:

*Voting against the old way of doing business by saying "no' to rules that allow House leaders to unilaterally control all legislative action in the chamber, despite the very real possibility of political payback from party leaders
*Sponsoring legislation to eliminate appointments to state boards and commissions by governors in the final days of their elected terms, to avoid crony politics
*Supporting increasing penalties for state workers who do political work on state time
*Pushing to eliminate a suburban Cook County education office plagued by ethical lapses and lack of performance
*Spearheading budget reforms that end waste and force more sunshine on what's being spent and why
*Pushing back at Blagojevich cronies by fighting to eliminate sweetheart deals and special favors for campaign contributors and requiring lowest bidders receive state contracts
*Supporting campaign contribution limits and creating incentives for candidates to control spending
*Advocating to finally end a legislative scholarship program plagued by accusations of favoritism and political shenanigans

Working with you, we'll bring a new way of doing business to Springfield and make Illinois a proud state once again.

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