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The Farm Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, despite our economic challenges, agriculture is one of the bright spots in our economy. Last week, the House Agriculture Committee, in an overwhelming bipartisan fashion, sent a simple message: We need a farm bill now.

We have challenges in American agriculture to be sure, such as dairy price fluctuations, the current drought affecting crops nationwide, and creating a level playing field for farmers to compete in foreign markets. This bill isn't perfect, but there's a great deal of consensus in it. Our farmers need certainty, and only a farm bill can give them that.

There are 11 days left for the House to vote on a farm bill before the August recess. The American people are tired of Congress bickering just to keep the lights on. This legislation has bipartisan support in the committee and in the United States Senate.

Madam Speaker, if the leadership of this House is serious about providing certainty and promoting economic growth, they will bring this legislation to the floor for a vote now.

The farm bill has traditionally been a bipartisan effort. Let's keep it that way.

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