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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. FARR. I thank the gentleman for yielding.

I've been listening to this debate, not just at this moment but throughout the whole health care debate. It just kind of shocked me. Why are the Republicans so angry with a bill that, essentially, they wrote?

It was the Republicans who wanted to mandate that every person in the United States carry private health care insurance. The bill does that. It was the Republicans who wanted to make sure that people who were cheating on Medicare got busted--no free ride. The bill does that. It was the Republicans who said people ought to help themselves by being healthier--eating better, taking care of their health, and exercising more. The bill encourages that.

So why are you so angry about a bill that has so much Republican writing in it?

And it struck me: Do you remember at the beginning of this year they said, We want to defeat the President--no matter what--even if he signs into law our ideas. That's it. He signed into law an awful lot of Republican ideas, and they can't stand it.

What I want to tell you is don't listen to the rhetoric down here. Go check for yourself. You can go to Go to your State. Go to your county. Put in some information about yourself. Find out for yourself. Check the facts. It's there. It will tell you what you get and what you don't get.

Look, there are so many good things that this bad repeal is trying to do that it's going to take away affordability, that it's going to take away access, that it's going to take away what Americans have been asking for for over 100 years. Let's keep it. Let's make it work.


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