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Law of the Sea Treaty

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. FARR. I rise today to express my shocking disappointment with some Republican Members of the other body in opposing the Senate ratification of the Law of the Sea Treaty. The Law of the Sea Treaty ratification is essential to protect American interests. For over 30 years now, the United States Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard, both under Republican and Democratic administrations, former Secretaries of State, and U.S. military personnel have been consistent and strong proponents of U.S. joining the Law of the Sea Convention. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently said:

Not since we acquired the lands of the American West and Alaska have we had such a great opportunity to expand U.S. sovereignty.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said:

The Law of the Sea provides clear guidance on the appropriate use of the maritime domain.

As the world's major maritime power with the longest coastline, the U.S. has more to gain from legal certainty and public order in the world's oceans than any other country. It has been supported by every President since Ronald Reagan. The time is due for the other body to take a leadership role and ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty.

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