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ENewsletter: Protecting Medicare and Medicaid


Location: Unknown

Lately there has been a lot of talk in Washington, DC about cutting Medicare and Medicaid in order to balance the nation's budget. I do not support balancing our budget on the backs of those who rely on Medicare or Medicaid.

Medicaid supports senior citizens, poor and disabled children, and those with disabilities. While about 2/3 of recipients are poor mothers and children -- 2/3 of the money is spent on supporting the elderly and disable in nursing homes. Medicaid is the safety net -- after a senior has spent everything they saved over a lifetime on nursing homes, Medicaid will pick up the tab when the money has all run out.

Medicaid also funds community and home care programs that ensure older Americans can stay in their homes. Without adequate Medicaid funding, our parents and grandparents could wind up without a place to call home. These proposed cuts put an unfair burden on working families across the country by making it more difficult for them to find affordable care for their loved ones.

I support a balanced budget and will support both revenue increases and spending reductions. I can't support targeting working families to bear the most of the burden. I've pledged to continue working on a budget that cuts the deficit in a manner that is fair and just for all Americans.



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