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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. ESHOO. I thank the gentleman from New Jersey.

Mr. Speaker, my colleagues, I think that today is really a sad day. It's a sad day for the House, and I can't help but think of Shakespeare: Thou doth protest too much. Now, it is very clear that my Republican friends have been opposed to any kind of national health care for as long as I can remember.

But today is really quite extraordinary because the Congress not only voted, shaped on, voted on, passed, the President signed into law, it was challenged, it went to the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice and four other Justices of the Supreme Court of our land have upheld the law for health care accessibility for every single American, all God's children. And what do the Republicans do but come to repeal.

My question is, What are you for? Where's your plan? I have been in the minority party. You've had time. This is the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Where is your plan? You talk about markets, you talk about costs, you talk about whatever; but you have no plan for the American people.

Now you've placed yourself in a position of a takeaway, and I think that's what is sad. It's sad for the American people, but it's not going to happen because the Supreme Court upheld the law.


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