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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. STARK. Mr. Speaker, I don't think I look much like Bill Murray, or have his wit, but I sure feel like him in his role in ``Groundhog Day.''

There are pressing issues facing our country--mainly the need to get our economy back on track and start creating jobs. But, my Republican colleagues refuse to allow us to focus on that vital priority.

Instead, we are here for the 31st time in this Congress to consider repeal of the health reform law.

Nevermind that the House already passed repeal of the health care law early in 2011 and that bill is still sitting in the Senate awaiting their consideration.

Nevermind that 29 other bills have repealed particular provisions of the law.

No, we are going to once again take the time of this Congress to pass a bill that doesn't need to be passed because my Republican colleagues are mad at the Supreme Court for upholding the law.

We know that House Republicans don't intend for the Senate to take this bill seriously because they are rushing this bill to the floor today before the Congressional Budget Office has even had the opportunity to provide a score for health reform repeal. With that analysis, we would know the cost or savings associated with health reform repeal. But, Republicans don't feel any need for being informed before they vote because they know they hate health reform and they'll vote to repeal it no matter what.

Well, with a Congress that behaves like this, none of us should wonder why our approval ratings are at 12%.

What my Republican colleagues steadfastly refuse to acknowledge is that health reform is already helping people and repealing it will have serious negative consequences for millions of Americans.

Should Republicans succeed in their blind drive to repeal health reform:

6.6 million young adults would lose the guarantee of being allowed to obtain insurance coverage on their parents' health insurance plans.

17 million children with pre-existing conditions could again be denied health insurance coverage.

105 million Americans would again be subject to lifetime limits on health insurance--which could stop coverage when they need it most.

12.8 million Americans who are due over $1 billion in rebates from the health insurance industry this year would never see that financial relief.

The more than 5.3 million Medicare beneficiaries who have been helped with high drug costs would see that assistance disappear.

The 86 million people who have already received life-saving preventive benefits free-of-charge would lose access to that vital benefit.

The list goes on and on.

Repeal of ObamaCare is not what the American people want. When I go home, parents thank me for health reform because their children who are recent college graduates have health insurance, their parents on Medicare saved money on their prescription drugs, and they know they will soon not be locked-in to their current job for fear of losing health coverage. When they talk to me about what Congress should be doing, they emphasize, jobs, jobs, jobs.

I agree with my constituents. I urge my colleagues to vote ``no'' on this senseless political stunt of a bill and I implore my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to get on with the business that American's care about--jobs.


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