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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Education is the most important investment we can make in our state. Pennsylvania's global competitiveness rests on its ability to train its future workers. I believe that the state can be a model of 21st century education, but it will require a willingness to make the much needed investments.

Promote Higher Education

I came to Pittsburgh for school, and stayed to serve. The region's educational institutions are tremendous economic drivers and I believe that the state should be promoting the institutions to the rest of the world. This includes continuing to support our public universities.

Give our Teachers the Tools to Educate

Our school districts need every resource to educate our children. As a legislator, I would make sure that Pennsylvania invests in students and schools. It is only with the right tools that we can expect the best results. I also believe that the standards we hold our teachers to should not only be based on a test score, but on preparing Pennsylvania's children for the new economy.

Stress Early Childhood Education

Education doesn't just begin in kindergarten. Resources in early childhood education will have tremendous impacts not only on the children they help, but also on the future cost of education. I believe that the state should work to promote access to early childhood education to all children.

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