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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. HERGER. Mr. Speaker, we have heard many perspectives on what the Supreme Court did in its health care ruling.

I want to focus on what the Court's decision did not change. The Supreme Court's ruling did not change the fact that the Democrat health law makes it more expensive for employers to hire workers. Businesses in my district have put their expansion plans on hold because they are worried about higher costs. This law was bad for jobs when it was passed, and it's still bad for jobs now.

The Court's ruling did not change the perverse incentives in the President's law that will encourage some employers to drop their health benefits. Millions of Americans will lose the coverage they have and like. That was true when this law was passed, and it's still true now.

The Court's ruling did not change the failure of the President's law to reduce health care costs. The administration's own Medicare actuaries concluded that this law will actually increase the overall cost of health care and CBO found it will raise health care insurance premiums as well. This was a serious failure when the law was passed, and it's still a serious failure today.

The Court's ruling did not change the 21 new taxes in the Democrat health care law. In fact, the ruling highlights how the President's law raises Americans' taxes to pay for an unsustainable new program at a time when unemployment remains far too high. These tax hikes hurt our economy when they were passed, and they're are still hurting our economy today.

That's why I began advocating for repeal of this bad law as soon as it was passed, and why I still support repeal today.

Vote ``yes'' for repeal.


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