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Trent Franks Votes to Fully Repeal Obamacare


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02) today joined his Republican House colleagues in voting by a 244-185 margin in favor of fully repealing Obamacare. Franks released the following statement:

"I'm encouraged today to see the House of Representatives fulfill its intended role as the body closest to, and most 'representative' of, the American people.

"House Republicans are delivering on their promise to do everything possible to prevent Obamacare, including continuing to work to defund the fatally flawed law.

"The American people have been unmistakably clear in rejecting the notion of a socialized health care system, but have been unceremoniously ignored by this Administration. But make no mistake: President Obama has had his say; the Supreme Court has had its say; and the American people will have their say this November."

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