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Issue Position: Fair Taxation for Georgia and all Americans

Issue Position

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The Fair Tax may not solve all of our problems, but it is the best eraser we have. The elimination of all federal taxes and replacing them with The Fair Tax needs to be a goal of every citizen. It is time we get our economy moving in the right direction and get Americans back to work. With the implementation of the Fair Tax an estimated $12 Trillion dollars will be invested in American business, by American business. This is money currently maintained offshore to avoid the burdensome taxes they face if they brought it back home. With the implementation of the Fair Tax, we would become the manufacturing center for the world. When the Fair Tax was explained to 500 of the largest manufacturing corporations outside the US, 400 or 80% said they would build their next facility here if the Fair Tax was implemented. The remaining 20% said they would relocate their entire company here. You want an economic stimulus? We have one; it is called the Fair Tax. You want a jobs bill? We have one; it is called the Fair Tax. Now it is time for Georgia to take the lead. We see our neighbors in Florida have no state income tax. It is replaced by the "Tourist Tax", a consumption tax on tourist related industries. Let us show the rest of the nation how the Fair Tax works by replacing all of our State taxes with a consumption tax that is shared fairly by all citizens. My vision is that one day, through implementation of a State Fair Tax, we may own our own property and not just rent it from the government.

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