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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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I have two young kids, and like every parent I want the best for them -- not just the best job opportunities, and not just the best education. I also want them to come home every day happy and safe and proud of what they've learned.

Unfortunately, we've seen our K-12 budget sink steadily over the past 8 years.

We've seen millions siphoned off to private schools at the expense of our public institutions where most students are educated, even when teachers are being furloughed.

And we've seen HOPE scholarship cuts that will eventually cost more than they've saved. That's because lower enrollment means fewer degrees, which leads to lower incomes, as well as less tax revenue over each student's working life -- a classic lose-lose situation.

To stop the cycle, we need to first stop the funding leaks. And we need to ensure we're using best practices with a proven track record of success, like restoring early childhood education to a full school year.

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