Issue Position: Water Supply

Issue Position

By:  Spencer Frye
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Once upon a time, there was more fresh water in Georgia than the population could possibly use.

Today, we're in a policy war with Florida and Alabama which has gone all the way to federal court in Washington, because there's no longer enough. This is the direct and inevitable result of population growth, exploding development, and more frequent and extended droughts.

Our policies and strategies for water management must catch up with the times, because our district's economy relies on its water supply. Maintaining it depends on:

*Introducing workable conservation measures
*Using best practices for water supply management
*Employing up-to-date water quality standards

Water is a public resource, not a commodity. Current policies have us on the path toward rationing. The sooner we change, the better.

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