FOX 16 - Congressman responds to Fox16 cell phone report

News Article

By:  Tim Griffin
Date: July 16, 2012
Location: Little Rock, AR

By Hubert Tale

Congressman Tim Griffin responds to a recent Fox 16 News report uncovering problems with the federal Lifeline program.

The $1.3 billion service allows those in need to get a free phone, but they have to show proof of need in order to qualify.

Some people in Benton say they are getting free phones without having to show proof of need.

"This is the type of waste and abuse of the lifeline cell phone program that we have seen all over the country," said Griffin.

Griffin says the problem is a nationwide issue. So he has produced videos and sponsored a bill to get rid of the cell phone component.

Right now, he is still gathering co-sponsors.

"This is another example of something we have to tackle," said Griffin.

The Lifeline program is paid for through the Universal Service Fund, which consumers pay for every month on their cell phone bills.

The Federal Communications Commission says it has adopted comprehensive reform projected to save $2 billion over three years.
The agency also tells us it is not going to allow a few bad actors destroy a program designed for low income Americans.

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