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Issue Position: Medical Care

Issue Position

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Today we enjoy unprecedented medical technologies, but the economic model, driven by too many government mandates and subsidies, has made medical treatment unaffordable for far too many families. More subsidies and mandates, including the unconstitutional mandate to buy the federal government's brand of medical insurance, with its limited availability of treatment, will not fix the problem. Allowing true free-market principles back into medicine will help put us on a path back to health-care sanity and help to break up the monopolies currently in place.

In the Colorado legislature I have introduced bills to put free-market solutions in our Medicaid system, which would save taxpayer dollars and give Medicaid recipients more freedom in choosing their own care. I was also the sponsor of the bill that allows the $4 prescription drug programs in Colorado, providing real world, free-market solutions for our citizen's medical needs.

We must not allow Obamacare to continue. Even today most medical care is paid for by government dollars. This third party payment system drives costs higher through excessive regulation and a lack of direct accountability for costs with the patient. Obama's solution, which Jared Polis has repeatedly voted for, is no solution at all. It will bring higher prices, even more government intrusion and mandatory rationing of medical services.

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