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Obama's Comments About Business Reveal What He Thinks About Free Enterprise


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Now, on Friday, he said something which the governor alluded to which really reveals what he thinks about our country, about our people, about free enterprise, about freedom, about individual initiative, about America. And you've heard it already. I've seen some signs that reference it. I just want to say it exactly as he said it. Speaking about small business and businesses of all kind, he said this: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen.' How many people here -- would the people who began a business or are leading a business in this room please stand up? Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Don't sit down. Stand up. Keep standing up. Keep standing up. Let me ask you, I know that you recognize a lot of people -- don't sit down.

I want you still up. Keep standing up. I know that you recognize a lot of people help you in a business. Perhaps the banks, the investors. there's no question your mom and dad, your school teachers, the people that provide roads, the fire, the police. A lot of people help. But let me ask you this, did you build your business if you did, raise your hand. Take that, Mr. President. This is what's happening in this country. These people are entrepreneurs. Thank you so much you guys.

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