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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Michael Allen is bringing health care advocates and administrators together to increase access to quality health care. As a registered nurse and former labor leader, Michael understands how important it is that every California resident has access to medical care that meets their needs while remaining affordable. He has been a strident advocate for universal healthcare and accountability in our state hospitals.

Michael's legislative work to advance healthcare includes:

SB 810 -- California Universal Healthcare Act. This bill would bring universal health care to California by enacting a "Medicare for All" style single payer health care system in the state. The plan would cover all California residents with comprehensive health benefits, save families and businesses millions of dollars off their health care premiums, and address California's budget deficit as the state struggles to keep up with rising health care costs. (cosponsor)

AB 366 (Involuntary Treatment of State Hospital Patients). Streamlines the judicial process to ensure that dangerous and seriously mentally ill patients don't languish in state hospitals while awaiting a court order for medication. The previous system made conditions more dangerous for the patients and staff and was detrimental to the recovery of many patients. (sponsor, signed by Governor)

AB 1569: Extends the sunset date on California's court ordered outpatient mental health services law from 2013 to 2019. Also known as Laura's Law, named after Laura Wilcox, a 19-year old college girl from Nevada County who was shot and killed by someone who was severely mentally ill, the law allows counties to implement an intensive outpatient mental health services program for individuals who are gravely ill and dangerous to themselves or others. As with previous versions of the bill, counties are not required to implement the program. (sponsor)

AB 2397: Existing law provides for state hospitals for the care, treatment, and education of mentally disordered persons. These hospitals are under the jurisdiction of the State Department of Mental Health, which is authorized by existing law to adopt regulations regarding the conduct and management of these facilities. AB 2397 would require these state hospitals to have, at a minimum, an ancillary clinical staff-to-patient ratio of 1 to 25 for each applicable staff classification, based on the facility's licensed bed capacity with a specified shift relief factor. (sponsor)

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