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I am Karen Bennett and I want to represent you in the Georgia House of Representatives. I ask for your vote on July 31st as your representative because I CARE and will work for you. I have lived, worked and played in our community for the past 27 years. My two children grew up here; my business is here, I shop here, do recreation and serve here. I have worked to make our district great in so many ways and now I want to go to the House of Representatives to be your voice and represent you in the things that matter the most.

I ask for your vote because I CARE enough to stand up for you.

I CARE about what is happening in our schools. Larger classes, teacher and program cuts and furloughs are unacceptable in one of the strongest nations in the world, and certainly are not acceptable for our kids. I will fight to improve the quality of education in our public schools and ensure that all children have access to resources that enable them to become valued contributors to a global society.

I CARE about affordable housing and stopping the unprecedented number of foreclosures throughout our community. I will fight to ensure that unfair lending practices stop, illegal foreclosures are stopped and that those who perpetrate these crimes are held accountable. I will also fight to make sure that lending institutions make loan modifications available to all qualified homeowners and that they are given the right to remain in their homes and or purchase affordable homes.

I CARE about healthcare. Our nation is strong, our state is strong, and our district is strong when we have good health. That means having increased access to affordable healthcare and preventive services. I will work to ensure greater access to healthcare services for all people and will fight to improve indexes for the expansion of eligibility for persons to receive health benefits.

I CARE about our commute to and from where we live, work and play. I will work with our transportation authorities to ensure that they examine and develop the best means of transportation for all citizens to support our quality of life and attract jobs in our district. I will fight for our fair share of transportation dollars to ease traffic congestion, improve our air quality, decrease stress and promote economic growth in our communities.

I CARE about Public Safety. We need to have adequate police in our neighborhoods to ensure our safety. I will work to help build community alliances with our police to improve crime prevention and to make our neighborhoods safe.

With your vote I can continue to work for improved schools, affordable housing, access to healthcare, safe streets and for transportation initiatives that alleviate commuting nightmares and attracts companies that will bring jobs to our community.

I, Karen Bennett, am running for office in State House District 94 and I ask for your vote because I CARE!

On July 31st I ask for your Vote for me, Karen Bennett because "I'm in it to win it for You because I CARE!"

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