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Issue Position: Taxes

Issue Position

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I will fight to cut taxes for middle class homeowners, seniors, working families, and small businesses. Tax relief should focus on people who live in Wisconsin, own homes in Wisconsin, work in Wisconsin, and need the most help.

For too long, Wisconsin's tax system has imposed excessively high property taxes on homeowners and small businesses. At the same time, loopholes in the system unfairly benefit the wealthy and large corporations at the expense of the rest of us. We've doled out far too many tax breaks to special interests groups, many of which aren't even located in Wisconsin but have lobbyists who are well-connected in Madison.

Despite a lot of talk about lowering taxes, Governor Walker and the Legislature actually increased taxes on thousands of seniors, middle class homeowners, and working families. They raised income taxes by cutting two popular and effective tax-relief programs, the Homestead Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, both of which help the people who need help the most in tough economic times.

* That's why I support getting rid of tax loopholes for special interests. To ease the tax burden on the middle class and small business, the wealthy and big corporations should pay their fair share.

* I support restoring the Homestead Credit, which cuts property taxes for thousands of seniors and middle class homeowners.

* I support restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit, which cuts income taxes for working families.

Nobody likes paying taxes. But it is the price we pay for safe neighborhoods, excellent schools, beautiful parks, and well-maintained streets. Our tax system should be simple and fair. Above all, we should concentrate tax relief on middle class homeowners, seniors, working families, and small businesses.

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