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Hochul Votes To Keep ObamaCare and in Favor of Half-a-Trillion Dollars in Medicare Cuts

Press Release

Location: Clarence, NY

Kathy Hochul today reaffirmed her support of President Obama and his ObamaCare plan, voting to keep the plan in place which cuts Medicare by $500 billion and guts the Medicare Advantage program relied on by thousands of seniors in the 27th Congressional District.

Hochul, who has been an ardent supporter and donor of President Obama and has voted with him nearly 80% of the time in Congress, has long embraced the ObamaCare plan. Recently, she heralded the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the plan as a massive tax.

"Today's vote says it all -- Ms. Hochul just doesn't get it. Her vote for massive new taxes, job-crushing government regulations and $500 billion in Medicare cuts goes against everything the people of this district believe in. She has lost our trust and with one vote, showed us exactly how much she believes in the failed policies of Barack Obama," said Collins.

Under the Obama-Hochul Plan, families and small businesses will see their taxes increase drastically. For example, young families under the age of 35 will pay $504 more per year under ObamaCare.

ObamaCare also includes over half-a trillion dollars in new taxes on families and small businesses over the 2010-2019 period, at a cost of $1,622 per person or $6,490 for a family of four over that period.

"ObamaCare will cost us more half-a-trillion dollars in new taxes -- more than $1,600 per person. We can't afford these new taxes to pay for a plan which is crushing our economy, costing us jobs and saddling our children with over $2 trillion in unaffordable debt," said Collins.

"And, this doesn't include the half-a-trillion dollar cut in Medicare funding ObamaCare slashed for our seniors, or the complete decimation of Medicare Advantage, which tens of thousands of seniors in our district rely on," said Collins.

"Kathy Hochul broke her promise to us. And unlike Kathy Hochul, I'll actually keep my word and fight for seniors and our families in Congress. That starts with repealing ObamaCare, protecting Medicare Advantage, and eliminating these crushing taxes which are weakening our economy and costing us jobs," said Collins.

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