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On ObamaCare, Congressman Again Fails Constituents


Location: Watertown, NY

Democrat Bill Owens today defended his votes for the job-killing, budget-busting, tax-increasing ObamaCare bill by refusing to support a bipartisan repeal.

"The Supreme Court's recent declaration that ObamaCare is a massive tax increase should have caused my opponent to reconsider his allegiance to President Obama's deeply flawed reform," said Doheny, the Republican, Conservative and Independence candidate. "Instead, our current congressman voted to protect a bill that will impact seniors by cutting Medicare by more than $500 billion, and raise $525 billion in additional taxes, penalties and fees. If that wasn't bad enough, the government is going to tax anyone who doesn't get insurance -- and 75 percent of those households affected by this tax make $120,000 or less."

"This law is a nightmare for working families," Doheny concluded. "Premiums continue to rise. People are losing the insurance they like. Jobs are being lost. That's why I'm committed to repealing this unworkable law and replacing it with a common-sense measures that will cut costs while putting the patient first."

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