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Issue Position: On Education

Issue Position

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The most important thing we can do to ensure that all Americans have a decent standard of living is provide them with a good education. And if we fail to provide a good education to everyone in this country, it's safe to say that our country will be in great danger of losing its place as the richest, most vibrant country in the world.

Consequently, it's essential that we take steps to greatly improve the K-12 education system in the United States and make higher education affordable for every American. In order to make certain that all our young people have the educational skills they need to succeed in life, we as a nation need to dedicate substantially more resources to education, and I am deeply committed to making that kind of investment in our nation's future.

I recently supported legislation to make college and graduate school more affordable to millions of Americans. This legislation increased the maximum Pell Grant size, made it easier for students to repay their education loans, and expanded programs to keep students in school and help them graduate. This bill was the most significant financial aid bill enacted in decades.

I also supported legislation to expand the G.I. Bill to restore its purchasing power and ensure that the federal government will once again pay most if not all of the cost of a college education for our military personnel (or their dependents).

The No Child Left Behind Act hasn't lived up to all its promises. Millions of children across the country aren't getting the education they need and deserve. I look forward to working with the President and my colleagues in Congress in the coming months and year on legislation to reform K-12 education in this country.

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