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Rep. Grimm Statement on President's Call for a Job-Killing Tax Hike


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Michael G. Grimm (R,C-NY) issued the following statement:

"Today's announcement is further evidence of just how out-of-touch this president is with reality. President Obama recently stated that the private sector is doing fine. The fact is that it's not doing fine, and a tax hike on America's hard-working families and businesses couldn't be farther from the solution.

"Numbers don't lie. Our country has just had the worst quarter for job growth in two years with millions of Americans still out of work, yet this president insists on raising taxes on those who create roughly 70% of all new jobs in America today. Continuing failed policies, like this tax hike, hurts our small businesses and families, and creates an unprecedented level of uncertainty that has stifled economic growth and quelled job creation.

"As a nation, we are already plagued by overbearing taxes and burdensome regulations that continue to oppress our ability to recover. In New York, when you add in rising property taxes, the price of tolls and mass transit, water rates, and all the other direct and indirect taxes and fees imposed in NYC; those making $250,000 are a far cry from the wealthy billionaires that President Obama claims to be targeting. They are hard-working families with mortgage payments and tuition bills for their children's education.

"This entire debate is nothing more than a diversion by the president to confuse people on the issues, and it's our families and small business owners who are going to pay the hefty price. The real issue at hand is that this country has a spending problem, not a tax problem. Enough is enough! It's time for President Obama to face reality and recognize that his tax, borrow, and spend policies are destroying our economy and our country."

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