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The Burden of a Private Education: A Solution


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Many families are leaving private education for public education. With the economy in a downward spiral, families are finding it difficult to make ends meet. To help offset the burden of the ever rising expense of a private education, I have devised a plan that I believe will help those families and not upset parents of public education school children.

There are two main options to pick from; tax credits or vouchers.

My plan involves tax credits.

To receive the tax credit for private education, the child must perform well. The higher the child scores on their report card, the larger the tax credit. The tax credits can be taken from the taxes that family is already paying into the system. So in essence, the child would be rewarded through money that the family is already paying.

The tax credit would start at $1,000 for the highest score on the report card, A (90), $750 for a B(80), and $500 for a C(70). Below a grade of C, the family would not be rewarded with a tax credit. This would not offset the burden of the entire tuition, but it would certainly help.

I have a child in a catholic school and I pay tuition. It is my choice to have my children learn our religion and gain an education. The tax credit would certainly help, but is not going to offset my tuition.

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