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Representative Drenner believes that America was founded on basic principles of equal opportunity for all. She believes that each individual can work actively in order to ensure that the rights of others are protected not just to the letter of the law but also according to the spirit of the law.

Karla Drenner envisions a world in which freedom is the operative milieu and in which honesty, hard work and a dedication to others prevails. Without these core values, Drenner believes, the quality of life for all Americans and Georgians -- is greatly endangered.

Freedom -- Freedom and Liberty are the most basic of rights afforded under the Constitution

Each individual is responsible for his or her own choices and must be able to embark on every decision-making process with a sense of well-being engendered by complete liberty.

Integrity -- Drenner pledges to maintain the highest levels of ethics and honesty. She believes that a person's integrity is measured by her or his ability to be truthful in all things and to remain stalwart in the face of adversity while staying true to one's core beliefs.

Justice -- Every human being deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. The laws of fairness asks each of us who is able, to crusade on the side of those most in danger of being downtrodden or disenfranchised by injustice.

Equality -- No person should be denied the full rights intended by the United States Constitution because of race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, creed, disability or any other outward sign.

Truth - Truth is measured, not only by a person's honesty, but also by his or her adherence to values. In the marketplace of ideas, every person's perceptions, thoughts and opinions are worthy of respect and worth additional consideration prior to making conclusive statements. For those ideas that fall outside the realm of Representative Drenner's core values and key issues, each statement must be articulated with verifiable facts that directly support key messages.

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