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Ooops...She did it Again!


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Carolyn McCarthy votes to uphold Obamacare, Half-a-Trillion Dollars in Medicare Cuts;
Supports Largest Tax Increase in American History with No Apology or Statement

16-year Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy showed her true colors by casting her all-important vote to reaffirm her support of President Barack Obama and the controversial ObamaCare health care plan during this past week of Congressional Session. (Source: Roll Call Vote #460 on HR 6079; July 11, 2012)
McCarthy's vote also to keep in place the plan to cut $500 billion from Medicare and gut the Medicare Advantage Program that thousands of seniors across Nassau County and Long Island -- and in the Fourth Congressional District -- rely upon.

"Oooops, she did it again!" said Legislator Fran Becker, Republican candidate for Congress. "After 16 years in Washington, Carolyn McCarthy still doesn't get it. It's truly unbelievable that McCarthy continues to support massive new taxes, job-crushing government regulations and buracracies and $500 billion in Medicare cuts. And in this terrible economy? But what's worse is my opponent won't even talk about what she did to us -- not even one comment on her vote taken last week. Ridiculous," Becker continued.

"ObamaCare will cost us more half-a-trillion dollars in new taxes -- more than $1,600 per person. Why does Carolyn McCarthy want to tax us every chance she gets? During the worst national economy since the Great Depression, working families and seniors can't afford these new taxes to pay for a plan which is crushing our economy, costing us jobs and saddling our children with over $2 trillion in unaffordable debt," Becker continued before adding "Carolyn hasn't explained her new vote to keep this enormous tax intact, burdening every resident. Why not? What's she afraid of?"

Under the Obama-McCarthy Plan, families and small businesses will see their taxes increase drastically. For example, young families under the age of 35 will pay $504 more per year under ObamaCare. (Source: Carla K. Johnson, "Health Premiums May Rise 17% For Young Adults Buying Own Insurance," Associated Press, 3/29/2010)

"And, this doesn't include the half-a-trillion dollar cut in Medicare funding ObamaCare slashed for our seniors, or the complete decimation of Medicare Advantage, which tens of thousands of seniors in our district rely on," added Becker.

"Carolyn McCarthy broke her promise to us. And unlike Carolyn, I'll actually keep my word and fight for our working families and seniors in Congress. That starts with repealing ObamaCare, protecting Medicare Advantage, eliminating these crushing taxes which are weakening our economy and costing us jobs and fighting for commonsense proposals to put Long Islanders back to work," said Becker.

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