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Faught Challenges Mullin to a Series of District Wide Debates


Location: Muskogee, OK

George Faught released the following statement today regarding Markwayne Mullin dropping out of a planned debate at the District 2 GOP meeting scheduled for this Saturday, July 14th in Claremore.

"This coming Saturday, I hope that you'll join me at the 2nd Congressional District GOP Meeting in Claremore. I will be there to discuss the most important issues facing Eastern Oklahoma today, and answer your questions. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet the two Republican candidates and decide for yourself who should face the Democrat nominee in November.

Although this meeting was initially scheduled to be a debate, my opponent has withdrawn his consent to engage in a debate on the issues. I call on my opponent today to reconsider and debate me on Saturday so that the voters can learn more about our stance on the issues and decide who will best represent them in Congress. This election is too critical to send someone into the General election who hasn't been properly vetted by Republican voters. The last time the public and the media didn't properly vet a candidate we ended up with Barack Obama.

We have already seen, in Mr. Mullin's own words, his stance on healthcare. First he said he understood healthcare issues and that a "single payer system would be the best". Then, after calling a closed press conference at his corporate office he admitted he did not understand what "single payer" meant. When asked by a radio host last week what his position was on healthcare exchanges, Mr. Mullin stated that he has been too busy campaigning to study the issue.

District 2 deserves a congressman who understands the issues and has a proven conservative record of standing up to President Obama's liberal agenda - not a fatally flawed candidate who Washington Democrats know they can beat.

Owning a small business in the district for 25 years and having the honor of serving House District 14 for the past 6 years has given me many opportunities to speak to concerned Oklahomans. You deserve to have a candidate answer your questions on the crucial issues impacting our country today: healthcare, job creation, protecting our faith and families, cutting spending and eliminating debt.

In order to help the voters to make an informed choice as to who would best represent them, and in addition to next Monday's 30 minute televised debate, I am challenging Mr. Mullin to three 60 minute debates before the August 28th runoff election - one in each quadrant of the 2nd District. We should be able to agree on these 3 additional dates and locations throughout the district, thus allowing the voters to see who we are, what we are made of and determine the clear difference between Mr. Mullin and myself.

I look forward to having this conversation with the people of Eastern Oklahoma and I hope Markwayne Mullin will join me."

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