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Newsday - L.I. GOP talk topic: If Mitt wins...

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Location: Unknown

By Dan Janison

Last week a few Long Island Republicans were batting around the notion that with Mitt Romney's presidential prospects now looking good, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King (R-Seaford) could leave to become U.S. Homeland Security secretary.

The district where King seeks re-election this year has shifted east under reapportionment, giving Suffolk operatives a heightened interest in such talk. But King said flatly Friday that while he focuses on security issues, and would have to give such an offer serious consideration, "I don't see it happening."

One political obstacle, he added, might be controversial hearings he's conducted on U.S. Muslim radicalization. Like many other Long Island luminaries, King is due to attend the Republican convention in Tampa next month...

There's always vice-president.

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