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Issue Position: Clean up Congress

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

It seems like the politicians in Washington live in a different world without the kind of consequences we face in our jobs if we don't perform. David Gill has never been on a public payroll or taken orders from a politician. He doesn't owe anyone in Washington. That's why he can bring the strong medicine we need to clean up Congress.

David Gill will push for a Congressional Job Performance Act to make sure Congress doesn't get paid when it doesn't do its job. David will work to limit the influence of campaign donations on congressional action by stopping taxpayer bailed-out banks and other companies propped up by federal bailouts from lobbying government officials or donating to federal PACs, candidates or SuperPACs while they still owe money to the taxpayers.

He will support new laws to shut the revolving door in Congress and slow down the ability of retiring members and staff to lobby their former colleagues. He will sponsor legislation to require full disclosure by SuperPACs of the donors behind their political ads. David will vote to overturn the Supreme Court's flawed Citizens United decision that allows corporations and millionaires to pump unlimited and undisclosed money into campaigns. He also supports term limits for Members of Congress.

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