Issue Position: Better Health Care for Middle-Class Families

Issue Position

By:  David Gill
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

As an emergency room doctor, David Gill sees the problems with our health care system every day. Middle-class people coming in with serious conditions that might have been prevented if they had the care they needed earlier or could have afforded medical treatment out of their own pockets.

As a husband, David experienced it in a whole different way when his first wife Polly died from colon cancer. It was a harrowing 13 months made worse by having to fight their insurance company to pay for expenses Polly's doctors said were necessary to help save her life.

David believes insurance companies have too much power and make too much money denying and delaying care. Too many small businesses and hard-working people have little or no health care coverage because costs are still out of control.

Dr. Gill wants to rein in the profiteering in health care and provide decent care for millions more Americans. That's why he won't take a cent from health insurance corporations or pharmaceutical companies. He wants to represent middle-class families, not HMO executives.

Dr. Gill supports a number of the improvements under the Affordable Care Act. But he believes the President's plan-- like Governor Romney's plan it was based on-- is flawed. The President's plan didn't go far enough to make health care more affordable for struggling families or small businesses. It didn't do enough to ensure that better patient care was the top priority. The plan was too bureaucratic, too expensive and gave too much control (and too much of our money) to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

David Gill knows there are good aspects of the plan and he salutes the President for finally getting Washington to address some of these issues. Stopping insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions was a long-overdue reform, along with ending lifetime caps on coverage. Allowing parents to keep their children insured until age 26 is especially important in this economy and filling in the Medicare prescription "donut hole" means seniors aren't stuck paying thousands extra for the medications they need.

Now, many Republicans want to repeal the whole law and throw out those positive changes. In the end, David Gill believes they want to give more control to insurance companies, letting them continue to deny care and coverage to protect their profits. Speaker John Boehner and the congressional Republicans haven't offered any realistic plan to limit costs on individuals, families or businesses looking to lower the skyrocketing cost of healthcare coverage.

As a doctor, David Gill believes the most important thing our health care system should do is heal people when they are sick and work to prevent them from getting ill in the first place. Our health care system should be about patient care, not insurance company profits. That's how we keep costs down and make our nation healthier. That's how businesses and American products become more competitive around the world.

Government health care programs already cover the poor, many children, veterans, and all Americans over age 65. David is tired of seeing only middle-class people left at the mercy of insurance companies that charge too much or deny them care. He wants to expand Medicare into a universal health care program for all. He trusts American patients, doctors, hospitals, nurses and healthcare providers. He believes they can make the best decisions about care, not insurance company bureaucrats.

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