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Issue Position: Reducing Debt and Setting the Right Priorities

Issue Position

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Washington has been out of control and both parties are to blame. In the last ten years, Congress has voted for the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, tax breaks for off-shoring jobs, massive subsidies for big oil, two wars that were unfunded and a huge bailout for the Wall Street banks that got us into the financial crisis. It's time to set the right priorities again and get our nation's finances in order.

David Gill supports ending the war--and the spending-- in Afghanistan now to focus on paying down our national debt and investing in education and job training at home. He will vote to end subsidies for big oil and eliminate tax breaks for companies that off-shore jobs to help get our debt under control. Dr. Gill also thinks it's time to force millionaires and billionaires to pay their share and stop exploding our nation's debt. He knows middle-class families have paid too high a price in this economic crisis. That's why he'll work to hold the line on taxes for Americans earning less than $250,000.

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