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More Washington Political Games from Congressman Frank LoBiondo

Press Release

Location: Ventnor, NJ

Instead of focusing on priorities like creating good American jobs and getting our people back to work, Congressman Frank LoBiondo is again playing partisan politics. This week he continues to waste time by voting to protect insurance company profits and undo reforms at the expense of the American people.

"Congressman LoBiondo is once again prioritizing special interests and trying to score political points rather than working for the people of the Second District. Instead of getting to work passing laws that would help get people back to work, Congressman LoBiondo is wasting our time by playing Party politics," said Congressional Candidate Cassandra Shober.

Shober continued, "Repealing the Affordable Care Act would have a detrimental effect on the people of South Jersey. This legislation is by no means perfect but it is a first step in protecting people with preexisting conditions such as asthma and diabetes, closing the Medicare prescription coverage "donut hole" so seniors won't have to choose between purchasing the medications they need or buying groceries, and keeping young adults on their parent's health insurance until they are 26. Congressman LoBiondo's vote to repeal the ACA without presenting alternative legislation that would keep these provisions in place is irresponsible and jeopardizes the health and well being of the people of the second district."

Repealing the Affordable Care Act would let insurance companies drop coverage for people with pre-existing conditions like asthma, heart disease, or cancer; force young people up to age 26 years old off their parents' health care plans; roll back prescription drug coverage, raising costs for seniors; and deny life saving preventive tests like mammograms.

Shober concluded, "Congressman LoBiondo has the wrong priorities. He has previously voted to protect millionaires at the expense of Medicaid, and today he again voted against the interests of the people of New Jersey's Second Congressional District by voting to repeal the ACA. He is clearly out of touch with the people of this district."

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