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Congressman Joe Donnely's "Three-Peat" ObamaCare Support Taxing for Hoosiers

Press Release

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Indiana State Treasurer and US Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock criticized Congressman Joe Donnelly for his continuing support for ObamaCare by failing to repeal it with a vote today in the US House. Congressman Donnelly continues to dodge questions about the specifics of the health care law and its impact on Hoosiers.

"For the third time, Congressman Joe Donnelly sided with the President and against Hoosiers and Indiana business by failing to vote to repeal ObamaCare, which the Supreme Court ruled as a massive new tax on the middle class," stated Treasurer Mourdock.

"Since Congressman Joe Donnelly won't respond to any questions about the specifics of the health care law, we must assume he fully embraces all of them with today's vote, which saddles Hoosiers with new taxes, threatens small business growth and hurts Indiana's medical device industry. Hoosiers did not ask for this type of leadership."

To date, Congressman Joe Donnelly has refused to answer the following questions about ObamaCare:

* Whether or not IPAB -- an unelected board of 15 bureaucrats -- should have the right to deny Hoosier seniors health care
* Whether or not the $500 billion cut from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare is fiscally responsible
* Whether or not the arbitrary tax credits and penalties on small businesses for providing health care is the right approach
* Whether or not he supports Catholic organizations being forced to comply with ObamaCare HHS mandates regarding contraception coverage
* Whether or not he really is opposed to the job-killing medical device tax

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