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Bustos-Quinn Jobs Plan: Good for India, Bad for Illinois

Press Release

Location: East Moline, IL

As job creators continue to flee Illinois for other states and other nations, former Alderwoman and public relations specialist Cheri Bustos (D-East Moline) has decided that Illinois serves as the best model to solve our national problems. Despite higher taxes, higher deficit spending, and higher unemployment in the state, Bustos has embraced the failed policies of Governor Pat Quinn (D-Ill.) and accepted the support of his administration in her bid to take those failed policies to the U.S. Congress.

Governor Quinn has dispatched Lt. Governor Sheila Simon (D-Ill.) to appear at endorsement events for Bustos.

U.S. Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Colona), Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 17th District, said that Illinois has seen enough of Quinn's failed economic policies.

"Tax and spend policies don't work," Schilling said. "They failed Pat Quinn and the state of Illinois, and they failed Cheri Bustos and the city of East Moline with higher taxes, higher spending, and higher unemployment. Working families can't afford to take the failed Bustos-Quinn plan national--they can't afford policies that destroy jobs and drive cities and states into the ground."

Schilling said his opponent seems to be on board with outsourcing.

"My opponent doesn't understand how job creation works," Schilling said. "The Bustos-Quinn jobs plan might create jobs in Indiana and India, it might create jobs in Wisconsin and China, but there is no doubt it's costing us thousands of jobs here in Illinois."

Schilling has been a strong advocate for creating a pro-growth economic environment that will encourage job creators to invest at home in Illinois.

"I'm confident in our jobs plan because it bets on the American worker, and that's a bet I'm willing to make every time," Schilling said. "We need to support our small businesses, we need to lower taxes, we need to stop over-regulation, and we need to build up our manufacturing sector. It's time for us to stop relying on the failed policies of the past and get our economy moving again."

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