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Flashback Friday: 2008: Congresswoman Biggert Voted against American Auto Manufacturing

Press Release

Location: Naperville, IL

This week, the American auto industry continued its strong rebound with a 22 percent increase in sales for the month of June and annual output exceeding 14 Million vehicles for the first time since 2007. However, few of these vehicles would be Made in America if Congresswoman Judy Biggert had her way. Just a few years ago, Congresswoman Biggert voted against saving the auto industry at the same time that she voted to bail out Wall Street banks.

Congresswoman Biggert's vote would have forced not only the Big Three automobile manufacturers, but their entire supplier chains and all of the small business that depend on them, into bankruptcy. With the U.S. automobile industry decimated, foreign suppliers would then have taken over the U.S. automobile market during the economic recovery, permanently displacing hundreds of thousands of American manufacturing jobs.

Flashback 2008: Congresswoman Biggert voted against the Auto Industry Financing and Restructuring Act, which saved the U.S. auto industry and thousands of American manufacturing jobs. The American auto industry is now profitable, back on solid footing, and has even paid back billions from the loan.

"As a businessman, I know first-hand the importance of American manufacturing to our middle class and good-paying jobs here in Illinois," said Bill Foster. "There is a reason that even the Chamber of Commerce opposed Congresswoman Biggert's partisan and ideological vote to liquidate the auto industry, and supported my vote to save it. We need to focus our investments on American manufacturing and the American workforce, not giving more tax breaks to companies that ship our jobs overseas."

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