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Walsh Brings 2012 Campaign Fundraising Total to $1.56 Million

Press Release

Location: Unknown

For the 2nd fundraising quarter of the 2012 campaign cycle, Congressman Joe Walsh raised $318,121 and showed nearly $750,000 in cash on hand. At this pace, Walsh is in position to have over $1 million in cash on hand for the final months of the campaign. This quarter brings Walsh to $1.56 million raised this cycle and puts him on pace to raise over $2 million through the campaign.

Congressman Walsh stated, "I'm once again honored to have the support of so many people who are concerned with what's happening in Washington and to our country. Even more so I'm proud that 60% of my contributions came from right here in Illinois."

"Looking at my opponent's figures," Walsh continued, "I would be more concerned if we were running in New York or California. She raised more money in each of those two states than she did here in the 8th district. Clearly that's where her strongest support comes from. As everyone knows, I'm not out to seek the approval of the liberal elite and political insiders, and I'm proud to have the continued support I have in the 8th."

Duckworth's figures reveal her campaign raised only 4.6% of her funds from the new or old 8th district, which was far less than her totals from New York and California. Duckworth's cash on hand figure showed itself to be similar to Walsh's keeping this a highly competitive fundraising campaign.

Ironically the numbers posted by the Duckworth campaign are near identical to the numbers she posted in 2006, when she raised $850,000 for the quarter and $4.56 million for the entire campaign. Yet despite those strong numbers and Democrats posting huge wins across the country, Duckworth lost handily to Peter Roskam.

Walsh added, "I will give my opponent Ms. Duckworth credit, she is the darling of the liberal elite, and they will gladly open their pocketbooks for her. However, as we learned in 2006 when she raised over $4 million, Ms. Duckworth cannot hide from voters and buy this election."

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