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Congressman Walsh Statement on Jobs Numbers


Location: Washington, DC

Friday the Bureau of Labor Statistics released figures indicating the private sector added only 80,000 jobs in June and unemployment remained at 8.2%. In response, Congressman Joe Walsh issued the following the statement:

"It's clear the tax and spend policies of Washington Democrats and Tammy Duckworth are failing Americans who are eager to get back to work. Their excessive spending and heavy taxes on small businesses are keeping the engine of our economy in neutral. What's worse is when ObamaCare and its 21 new taxes come into effect, it will throw us in reverse.

"Democrats like Duckworth have made it clear they see no reason to ease the tax burden or stop the spending. Tammy would serve as a rubber stamp for the unchecked growth of government that is crippling our economy. In Congress, I have fought to balance the budget, end overregulation and get those hurting in the 8th district back to work.

"As we move forward, I will continue to serve as a check to the overgrowth of government. I hope with this sobering reminder that his policies aren't working, the President will work with Republicans in the House to change course, get America on the right track and get Americans back to work."

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