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Executive Session

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CORKER. Mr. President, I rise to second what the great Senator from Tennessee Lamar Alexander said. I want to speak for a moment about the same nomination, with the same amount of energy, and the fact that I am very excited about this person being nominated.

When the White House began looking for someone to fill this position, I talked to numbers of people down in Shelby County about Judge Fowlkes, and people whom I respected, people who have been involved in the community for years. I can tell you, from every single person I talked to, they talked not only about his record but also the kind of person he was. He has served in many positions.

He has been a public defender, a district attorney, a U.S. Attorney, he was the chief administrative officer for the largest and most populous county in the State of Tennessee. Now he serves as a criminal court judge. At every stop, he has excelled and earned a reputation for professionalism and integrity. I think his experience certainly makes him very well-prepared for this position and the responsibilities he will carry out.

I am glad to join with Senator Alexander, Senator Leahy, and others. I hope we have an overwhelming vote today for this nominee, who I believe will be an outstanding Federal judge. I ask all of my colleagues to join us in supporting this person, who, again, I think will be exemplary on the bench, as he has been throughout his entire life.


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