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Rep. McKinley Votes to Repeal ObamaCare and Avoid Largest Tax Hike in American History


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E., joined the majority of his House colleagues by voting, once again, for the repeal of President Barack Obama's health care plan. The final vote in the House on the "Repeal of Obamacare Act" (H.R. 6079) was 244 to 185.

"The health care law represents a massive tax increase on middle class Americans," said Rep. McKinley. "President Obama had promised the American people that this mandate was not a tax. But the Supreme Court ruled otherwise. The President also told Americans that they would keep their current health coverage. But this, too, is being proven false."

"The previous Congress was told the cost for ObamaCare would be less than $800 billion," said Rep. McKinley. "But the recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report claims the plan will cost in excess of $1.76 trillion. Congress now knows the law takes $500 billion from Medicare and is expected to increase costs to millions of Americans."

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