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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Delaware -- A Great Place to Visit


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Delaware's a great place to live. It's also an amazing place to visit. If you're still deciding where to spend your summer vacation -- know that Delaware's not only a great state of neighbors -- but over 39-thousand of those friends and neighbors work in jobs connected to making sure the first state is a first-rate place to visit and vacation. We're a state of beautiful parks and compelling art, rich in both history and opportunity. And we make it easy to take it all in.

The Delaware History Trail, for example, highlights some of the landmarks and legacies through 36 different historic sites along the trail.

Our beaches recently ranked as the best in country, with restaurants to match. Restaurants with world-class offerings from some of the 13 local wineries and breweries featured on the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail, the discovery of which would make its own great vacation.

Our tourism team is ready to help with advice, recommendations and assistance -- with guides, maps and suggestions to make the most of your time.

For those more technically inclined, grab your smart phone or other GPS enabled device, and strike out on your own through Delaware's acclaimed Geocaching Trail -- where you can retrace the steps of early explorers and historical figures -- with easy access to air conditioning and the ability to play Angry Birds Space between your discoveries.

So whether you're a proud Delawarean looking to make the most of your summer, or considering where to spend some time this season -- we urge you to visit and enjoy Delaware and help keep our great -- and Sales Tax Free -- state, moving forward.

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