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Kind Votes to Preserve Patient Protections

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind today voted to preserve patient protections and uphold the health and economic security of Wisconsin families and small businesses, while calling on Republican leaders to get to work to create jobs and grow our economy.

"Enough is enough," said Rep. Kind. "The Supreme Court found the Affordable Care Act constitutional. Let's stop playing games and instead of wasting time trying to repeal the law and take away not only tax credits from small businesses but health care from 39,000 children in western Wisconsin with pre-existing conditions, let's continue implementing it and focusing on creating the jobs we need right now."

Today, for the 33rd time this Congress, House Republicans voted to repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act, taking away critical protections for millions of Americans. Rather than focusing on jobs or on implementing the law that changes the health care system to better ensure that all Americans have access to stable, secure, affordable health care coverage, Republicans chose to waste time on another message bill that will never become law.

The Affordable Care Act is already helping families, individuals and small businesses:

* More than 39,000 children in western Wisconsin alone, who were previously denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, now have health insurance
* 43,000 young adults in Wisconsin are covered under their parent's plans
* More than 60,000 Wisconsin seniors have lower prescription drug costs
* 647,617 Wisconsin seniors on Medicare receive free preventive care
* Small businesses and family farms qualify for tax credits for the health care they provide their workers

"Repealing these important patient protections increases costs for seniors, weakens health care coverage for children and students, and raises taxes on the hundreds of small businesses in western Wisconsin who qualify for tax credits under the bill. It's time to stop fighting each other and instead come together to start fighting for job creation and economic recovery."

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