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E-Newsletter 7/14/12


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We've voted many times now to partially repeal the 'un-Affordable Care Act'- and this week, I proudly voted one more time to repeal it in full. Naturally, the next question is: what would I replace it with?

Below are just a few options which would be kinder to the economy and individual families than the current law:

Allow the purchase of insurance across state lines. This would allow for more competition, and subsequently, lower prices. --House Resolution (H.R.) 371
Reform lawsuit abuse. When frivolous or overly ambitious lawsuits are filed against doctors and hospitals, defensive medicine costs skyrocket, causing the cost of healthcare overall to go up. --H.R. 5
Repeal the Independent Payment Advisory Board. This an unelected, unaccountable panel of bureaucrats in charge of making health care decisions will ultimately lead to the denial of care for seniors. --H.R. 452
Allow tax deductions for preventive health costs. Encourage commonsense actions, like memberships in fitness programs and weight loss programs, will mean huge savings on more serious conditions. --H.R. 2662
Disclose information about hospital charges. Patients- and sometimes even doctors- often don't know how much each test or service will cost them and their insurer until months after the fact. When prices are publicly available, it will put patients back in control. -- H.R. 5800
My friend and colleague in Congress, Dr. Tom Price, has a comprehensive 'repeal and replace' bill with many more ideas.

Ultimately, my goal is to put patients back in charge of their own healthcare.

In Service,

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