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Conaway Says House Farm Bill Gets It Right


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. K. Michael Conway (R-TX), Chairman of the House Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management, issued the following statement regarding the House version of the farm bill that was unveiled today:

"For our kids and our grandkids, we need to get Washington's spending under control, eliminate huge annual deficits, and begin to chip away at our mounting national debt.

"The farm bill that the House Agriculture Committee unveiled today contributes to this goal by cutting more than $35 billion. Included in these savings are $16 billion in savings to Food Stamps where the House bill reduces waste, fraud, and abuse and closes loopholes. These savings, which advance part of the $31 billion in savings to Food Stamps the House approved earlier this year, make a down payment in getting a grip on Washington's runaway spending.

"The House bill achieves the balance of savings from farm and conservation policies. Farmers and ranchers from across the country have told us that they are willing to do their part in getting our nation's fiscal house in order. What producers asked in return is that Washington distributes the cuts equitably so everyone shoulders their fair share of the burden and that farm and conservation policies are redesigned in order to do better with less.

"While the Senate produced a lopsided bill that would fail to see our nation's farmers through tough times, the House bill gets it about right. While I personally would not have included the Senate's revenue program as an option in the House bill because I believe it is a false choice for any farmer that wants a true safety net, I respect my colleagues who tell me that at least some of their farmers want that choice."

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