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Roskam on Fox News Discussing Full Repeal of Obamacare


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) discussed the importance of repealing the president's health care law and preventing the law's tax increases that will negatively affect Americans from small business owners and job creators to middle class families.

Roskam on Voting to Repeal the Health Care Law:

"The message is simple, there were false promises that were made, it was characterized not as a tax hike, and the [Supreme Court] has said without any ambiguity it is a tax hike and the remedy is to remove this as an obstacle to job creation, and let's move forward on something that's new and fresh, and not be stuck in this thing that really is increasingly unpopular. I think ultimately the public will have the last word on this in November."

Roskam on the Increasingly Unpopular Health Care Law

"What I'm hearing from my District in suburban Chicago is they have no interest in having a tax hike hoisted upon, particularly when the economy is in such tough shape right now. You're going to see House GOP continue to fight to repeal this bad law. It's increasingly unpopular with independent voters that the president desperately needs in his reelection campaign, and it's increasingly unpopular with women voters who make 85 percent of health care decisions in this country."

On the Potential for Better Health Care Reform

"So we're going to continue to push for those types of things we can remove as obstacles to job creation and move toward patient-centered health care options that drive the costs down and deal cumulatively with pre-existing conditions.

"Look, this could be great. We could have a system that is rational again, and where the cost drivers that don't add any value to this equation are removed. That's where the country I think, wants us to be going instead of a lot of other political drama and dogma that the White House insists on."

On the Health Care Law's Impact on the Economy:

"I don't think with a straight face anyone can say that we're better off from a jobs and competitiveness and growth agenda point of view with [the health care law] as an albatross around the neck of the economy. We should shed it and move on."

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