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Repealing ObamaCare: Americans Deserve "Choices," Not Government "Mandates"


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Ennis/Arlington), a leader in the fight against the government takeover of the healthcare system, released the following statement after co-sponsoring and voting for H.R. 6079, "Repeal ObamaCare Act." It passed the House of Representatives 244 to 185.

"If this law is fully implemented the quality of health care in our country won't get any better, but costs will go up for millions of Americans.

"Did you know there are 21 tax increases hidden inside the 2,700 page law and at least a dozen of them hit the middle class?

"I want every American to have access to affordable health care. I believe we can accomplish that goal by giving people more choices, not forcing government mandates on them.

"This law is full of mandates and that is why I oppose it. The government forces you to buy health insurance or pay a tax. Small businesses are in the same sinking boat -- cover your employees or pay a tax. If the government can use taxation to force you to obtain health insurance, they can force you to obtain anything. This is a dangerous precedent which could fundamentally change the direction of our nation.

"The Supreme Court ruling doesn't change the fact that we should repeal ObamaCare. I'm glad we had this vote. And that we put everybody on record right now. People deserve to know exactly where their elected representatives stand on this law."

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