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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BACHMANN. I thank the gentleman from Texas for yielding.

If there's anything that we have learned, Mr. Speaker, over the last several years as we've debated the President's health care plan, it is that it's been a mirage, and it has been built on a series of one broken promise after another.

The President told us that we would be saving $2,500 a year per household if we passed his health care bill. But the sad reality is that Americans' health insurance premiums have increased by almost that amount, which means the President was off by a stunning $5,000 per household. And Americans are pulling their pockets inside out saying, Mr. President, I don't have the money to pay $5,000 more per year on my health insurance policy. Of course they don't. Because this has proved to be the crown jewel of socialism. That's what government health care is.

Senior citizens realized early on they had the most to lose by the President's health insurance policy because what they found from this bill, which has been commonly called ObamaCare, is that $575 billion will be stolen away from them out of Medicare. And not only will they have $575 billion less in Medicare; they're also looking at having to spend--senior citizens--out of their pocket $200 billion more in increased taxes for Medicare. That's a big loss for America's senior citizens.

But it doesn't stop there, Mr. Speaker. Millions of Americans across the United States are now going to find out that the promise the President made that if you like your health insurance, you can keep it, that's a sham, too. Not only will you not keep it; millions of Americans are looking at being thrown off their current health care policy that they have from their employer.

Millions--millions--of Americans will no longer even have the option of their employer's health insurance plan. How do I know that? I talked to a job provider today, 400 employees. He told me he can no longer afford to provide health insurance because of all the new increased costs. He isn't the only one.

I talked to another employer today, Mr. Speaker, a woman. She had 250 employees. Now she's down to 90. She told me, if we can't repeal this bill, she'll have to actually let them go and they'll be down to 50. We have to repeal this bill.


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