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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CONAWAY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to strongly support the passage of H.R. 6079, the Repeal of Obamacare Act.

A little over two years ago, as our Democratic colleagues were jamming this bill through Congress, their leadership thought they could appease some of the public's outrage by uttering that now famous phrase ``we have to pass the bill to know what's in it.''

Unfortunately for them, two years have passed and we now have seen what is in the bill--a top down, Washington-centric plan for the future of American's health services. Obamacare expanded and entrenched the worst parts of the American health system: it drives up premiums, reduces competition among insurers, restricts patient choice, further undermines the solvency of Medicare and Medicaid, and raises hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes.

The law creates over a hundred and fifty new boards and offices, each with the authority to manage a piece of American's health care. The bill also gives the Secretary of Health and Human Services 1,700 new or enlarged powers to control American's access to and interaction with their health services. It even mandates that religious institutions violate the basic tenants of their faith by providing coverage for drugs and procedures that they find morally objectionable.

What's more, the law taxes insurers, device manufacturers, and drug manufacturers, driving up the cost of these products. And then, in perhaps the greatest insult, Obamacare taxes employers for not providing insurance, it taxes people for not having insurance, and then it taxes people for having insurance that is too good.

Mr. Speaker, from its inception, this law has been a failure because it is premised on the misguided idea that a small group of individuals can plan out orderly lives for the rest of us. There is not one person working at the Department of Health and Human Services who knows what it is like to be a family in Bronte, practice medicine in Brownwood, or run a hospital in Andrews. Yet, Obamacare hands the fate of the families, doctors, and hospitals across my district over to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and her staff.

The ACA sets the ideas of this small cadre of Washington insiders ahead of the concerns of my constituents and their caregivers. It was crafted in secret and passed in the dead of night, and its most important details were left up to regulators who are unaccountable to voters. What was a 2,700 hundred page bill has spawned over 12,000 pages of regulations and more are being published every day.

American's deserve a health care system that is designed with them at the heart of it. House Republicans are committed to enacting sensible reforms that build up the free-market. Solutions like buying insurance across state lines, allowing association health plans, and reforming our out of control tout system are common sense changes that will expand risk pools, lower premiums, and make insurance more affordable for millions of Americans. Our ideas can do this without the thousands of pages of rules and regulations, the hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes, and the mandates imposed by Obamacare.

I urge my colleagues join me in passing H.R. 6079 to repeal this divisive, intrusive, and loathsome healthcare law.


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