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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BRADY of Texas. Mr. Speaker, Texas is a big State. We have a lot of poor families. And as a border State, we have a lot of people here who are not legal. As a result, we struggle to provide health care across our State. ObamaCare will make it worse, will make it harder to help families.

This chart lays out the new health care law that affects every one of you in America. This is the result of that 2,801-page bill and the Supreme Court ruling. What that Supreme Court left in place was 159 new Federal agencies and bureaucracies in between you and your doctor. What they left in place was 21 new tax increases, a dozen of which hit middle class families like yourself right in the pocketbook.

What it left in place is half a trillion dollars of cuts to our local hospitals, our home health care agencies, our nursing homes, even hospice care when people are dying. They left in place those cuts.

And today you'll hear, when I finish, the ranking member will tell you all this sugar and spice about ObamaCare in Texas. What he won't tell you is how many seniors will be forced off Medicare Advantage, their plan, because of ObamaCare. They won't tell you how few doctors will even see our seniors anymore in Texas.

What he won't tell you is how many small businesses and medium-sized businesses are going to drop their health care plans and move their workers into the subsidized exchanges because of ObamaCare. You won't hear that when I finish talking.

The truth of the matter is if ObamaCare is so great for families, why are your health care costs still going up?

If it is so great for small businesses, why did they sue to stop it?

And if it is so great for seniors, how come they can't find doctors to see them anymore?

Health care is too important to get wrong, and ObamaCare got it wrong. It's time to repeal it, start with a fresh slate, and help the families who need it most.


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