Rep. Hansen Clarke Welcomed Rep. Tim Scott to Metro Detroit to Continue Their Bipartisan Effort to Address the Crisis of Literacy Among African-American and Hispanic Men

Press Release

By:  Tim Scott Hansen Clarke
Date: July 13, 2012
Location: Detroit, MI

Today, Congressman Hansen Clarke and Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina's 1st District joined together in metro Detroit to discuss their work to address the crisis of illiteracy among African-American and Hispanic men. Congressman Clarke and Congressman Scott recently introduced bipartisan legislation, H. Res. 721, which aims to increase awareness about illiteracy and support efforts to improve literacy among African-American and Hispanic men.

"With Detroit's functional illiteracy rate reported at 47%, this is a crisis for everyone in our community. Illiteracy can lead to unemployment, hopelessness, and crime," said Clarke. "Congressman Scott and I are working in a bipartisan manner in Congress to address this illiteracy crisis that disproportionally affects African-American and Hispanic men."

"I want to thank Congressman Clarke for inviting me to the great city of Detroit and for his passion on this issue, and I look forward to welcoming him down to Charleston in the future," Scott said. "By coming together to help combat illiteracy in our African-American and Hispanic communities, as well as across our entire nation, we can build a stronger America for us all."

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